Fixings for brickwork

Geoanc® CDM

Steel for Bricks

Geoanc® CDM

These stainless steel elements are to secure or retain brickwork to structural elements. They permit freedom of movement in two directions along the plane of the wall. These fixings perform three functions:

  1. They guarantee the brickwork will not crack.
  2. They reduce the slenderness.
  3. They avoid any overturning movements.


  • Installation without the need for a layout survey.
  • They permit freedom of movement of the brickwork with respect to the structure.
  • They prevent damp from entering the inner partition walls.
  • Stainless steel elements.
  • Very affordable product.
  • They feature an SAO control device.

Geoanc® fixings perform two fundamental applications which are the subject of analysis and sizing for the specific conditions of each building site:

  • Implementation of self-supporting and ventilated façades according to the GHAS® system. In this case, the anchoring system will be sized to withstand the horizontal forces to prevent overturning.
  • When matching is insufficient between the brickwork and floor structure due to errors in the position of the walls. In this case, the anchors will be sized to substitute the shortcoming which is indispensable for the stability of the brickwork.

In both cases, Steel for Bricks performs the calculations and dimensioning of the elements without any cost or commitment.(*)

*Steel for Bricks reserves the right to charge for any studies or surveys that are carried out, in which case a quote will be provided beforehand.

  • The anchor consists of two pieces:
    • one female component mechanically secured to the structure.
    • an omega component crimped into the slots on the female component whose ends are embedded in the brickwork mortar.
  • Five different formats to fit in different thickness brickwork, and different distances from the outer face of the support or front of the floor structure.
  • Great strength against tensile forces and compression, and also with an SAO (Operator Auto-control System) which permits control on construction site.
  • CE marking according to specifications of the standard EN 845-1.