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Commercial documentation

1. The only valid versions of the SFB commercial documents (catalogues, specification sheets, certificates or any other kind of document) are the updated versions published on SFB’S website ( Any previous versions of commercial documents are considered to be obsolete and not valid.

2. The photographs, graphics and sketches shown on SFB’S website, the blog, social media and commercial documents are the exclusive property of Steel for Bricks, and as such, applications shall be submitted to Steel for Bricks for authorisation to use them.

3. Products may be modified without prior notice.

4. Full or partial reproduction of SFB’S commercial documents or website content without prior authorisation in writing is strictly forbidden.

5. All the brand names and trademarks displayed on the website and in the commercial documents (soft or hard) are the property of Steel for Bricks.

6. The information contained in the commercial documents, on the website and in the blog and social media is provided in good faith. We shall not be liable for the use or application of the described products.