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SFB is a company that engages in manufacturing products for brickwork, foundations and structures. We are the only manufacturer of bed joint reinforcements in Spain, under the Fisufor® and Geofor® trademarks, and we were the first European manufacturer to be awarded the CE marking for our Geoconnect® structural connectors. We are endorsed by all the mandatory certifications (CE markings) and DAUs (Document of Assessment for fitness of Use) for structural connectors and for our construction system, namely the GHAS system.

Since the firm was created in 2007 it has become the leading company in the Spanish market. In 2009 SFB decided to export its goods to achieve stable consolidation of our business that would allow us to improve our competitiveness and to develop additional product lines. Today, we have distributors in all the main European markets.

Our technical department is at your disposal

Technical Department

STEEL FOR BRICKS has its own Technical Department to advise professionals in the industry on the correct use of our products, their optimisation and fitting our products on site.

Steel for Brick

In the process of adapting to the needs of each market and our philosophy of innovation, the company has developed new specific products for the European markets where we operate. All this development and innovation work has been endorsed through the awarding of several patents for bed joint reinforcement and fixings for brickwork.

In order to implement its international expansion and R&D&I projects, Steel for Bricks is permanently up-to-date on the evolution and most significant innovations of technology in this sector. We are supported by Grupo GZ’s Technical Department, where development of our new products is based.

Steel for Bricks has a holding in Grupo GZ,

in conjunction with the companies ZFoam, Geohidrol and TecnoGZ, who carry out their activities in industry, packaging, insulation, construction and civil engineering.

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