Prefabricated formwork


Steel for Bricks


Prefabricated formwork that is hidden


  • Quick, versatile, easy to fit and does not require specialist labour.
  • It permits different fixings and/or joists, such as filling behind cladding, use of steel bars, wooden battens, ties, etc.
  • Linear or occasional separators can be fitted to coat the reinforcements.
  • Does not require removal, cleaning and return of the formwork.

  • Fitted to structural walls to delimit the edge of the slab to be built.

  • Steel mesh folded to a 90º angle. The mesh is coated with a transparent polyethylene film (UV-stabilised film).
  • In “L” shape it is available in dimensions of 12×18 cm and 20×10 cm.
  • It can be made in flat sheets with different dimensions and also folded.
  • Paufil® formwork can also be bent to shape on site.


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