Fixings for brickwork

GHAS® system

Steel for Bricks

GHAS® system

A construction system consisting of enclosures whose thickness completely crosses in front of the structure, with a horizontal mortar joint being the only indispensable requirement.

As with conventional enclosures, they have to be designed to withstand vertical and horizontal forces.


  • Improves the performance of face brick façades.
  • Practically and cheaply eliminates construction problems inherent to the conventional building system of these façades.
  • Avoids fissures and cracks.
  • Product with SAO device.
  • CTE compliant (stability and fissures)
  • Covered by DAU 12/076.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: floor structure edges are not visible.
  • Water tightness of the brickwork.
  • No thermal bridges on the floor structure face.
  • Possibility of ventilated façade.
  • Quick installation.
  • Cheap system.
  • Does not require specialist personnel.

  • Brick façades.
  • Brickwork made with concrete or cinder blocks.
  • Inner partition walls.

Construction system consisting of the following products:

  • GEOANC®: Strongest fixing system on the market. The fault occurs in the joint between the mortar and the brick.
  • Includes Operator-Monitored System (SAO)
  • GEOFOR®: Reinforcement with auto-overlap and SAO devices.
  • GEOPOST®: Telescopic posts with devices.

Two types of façades can be made:

  • Self-supporting
  • Ventilated

The only difference between one and the other is the inclusion of a continuous ventilation cavity.


Case studies


Zaragoza · Sistema GHAS

La Torre Outlet Shopping Mall

We trusted the GHAS system to give the shopping mall its shape, honouring the industrial icons of the middle of the 20th century, but through the use of 21st century structural systems. […]

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Girona · Sistema GHAS

Theatre – Auditorium in Llinars del Vallès

For the Theatre / Auditorium in Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona-Spain), Steel for Bricks’ technical department worked hand-in-hand with the Álvaro Siza studio and clearly committed to the GHAS system in this project. […]

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