Fixings for brickwork

Fisuanc® MT

Steel for Bricks

Fisuanc® MT

Ties for expansion joints

  • They guarantee the continuity of transfer of certain forces through the joint.
  • They are low cost items and avoid the pathological construction problems that could occur if not implemented.
  • They are made only of stainless steel which protects them from corrosion.
  • Their specific design guarantees that only horizontal movement of the wall takes place along its plane.
  • They permit visual verification of correct fitting.

  • To connect two different structural walls separated by a vertical movement joint.

  • They are made from stainless steel that have one end covered by a plastic sleeve to prevent adhesion to the mortar. This has a clearance of approximately 1cm to allow free movement along the horizontal plane of the wall.
  • The shim is 200 mm long and the sleeve measures 124 mm. They are 19 mm and 24 mm wide respectively, and the height and thickness are 2 mm and 5.5. mm.
  • CE marking according to the specifications established in the standard EN 845-1.