Dowels for structural joints

Geoconnect LL®

Steel for Bricks

Geoconnect LL®

Structure dowels, joining devices that transmit shear loads through structural joints between floor structures, slabs, beams or walls.


  • They absorb contraction or expansion caused by seismic forces, temperature changes and shrinkage of concrete.
  • They permit movement of the structural elements without cracks or fissures forming.

  • For reinforced concrete structures with expansion joints designed according to the contraction and expansion requirements of buildings. These joints allow the reinforced slabs to move and prevent cracks appearing, thus eliminating any ensuing problems.
  • These structural connectors are the most suitable, technically proven solution to ensure the correct transfer of shear stresses across this type of joint.

  • Consisting of the following elements:
    1. Dowel bar
    2. Sleeve
    3. Local reinforcements in the series that include them.
  • Available in six different diameters, which enables precision of choice based on the load study.
  • The dowel bars can be galvanised or stainless steel, and the sleeves can be plastic or stainless steel.
  • Depending on the type of joint, the sleeves can feature single or double movement.
  • In certain special circumstances, the composition of the connection system can be modified:
    1. LL Series: Slab joints that permit fitting all types of Geoconnect® elements; dowel bar component, sleeve component and local Geoconnect® Reinforcement.
    2. W Series: Low thickness slabs, where reinforcement cannot be used. This series includes just the dowel and sleeve, but no local Geoconnect® Reinforcement.
    3. WH Series: Joint through connectors of one structural element to another pre-existing element. This series features a dowel without reinforcement fitted in a drilled hole in the existing element and a locally reinforced Geoconnect® Reinforcement sleeve in the element to be built.
    4. WM Series: In low thickness walls where Geoconnect® Reinforcement cannot be used. This series is designed to house the sleeve in a narrow wall prior to attaching the dowel and its reinforcement, without the need to drill holes to achieve the movement required.
  • The Geoconnect® LL connectors are the first structural connectors to be assigned the CE Marking in Europe.

Case studies


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Microsoft Ireland Dublin Campus

Thanks to the use of Geoconnect® connectors, we managed to unite structural performance and economic savings in Microsoft’s building in Dublin. […]

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Pepsi Cola en Arabia Saudi

Arabia Saudí · Geoconnect®

Pepsi Cola Logistics Warehouse

This project for the Pepsi Cola warehouse in Saudi Arabia was an all-round challenge, since the planimetry of the screed flooring in this type of construction had to be perfect. […]

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