Fixings for brickwork

Fisuanc® PL

Steel for Bricks


These stainless steel elements are used to secure or retain brickwork to structural elements. The PL fixings form a rigid joint that does not permit any movement between the brickwork and the structure. They are fitted in front of pillars.


  • Stainless steel elements.
  • Very affordable product.
  • They can be used when brickwork crosses in front of pillars, rather than being built between them.

  • In brickwork that only requires transversal rigidity because their stability is guaranteed through securing between floor structures.
  • For tying in brickwork to supporting structures, used systematically as a preventive measure in order to increase stability and compensate for small execution defects or errors in the support of the brickwork on the floor structure.
  • When matching cannot be performed between the brickwork and the floor structure due to errors in the position of the walls. In this case, the fixings have a structural function and must be sized, since they must be capable of replacing the shortcoming necessary for stability of the wall.

  • They are rigid mechanical fixings that do not permit any differential movement between the brick wall and the structural element to which it is attached.
  • Available in lengths of 108 mm and 150 mm.
  • CE marking according to specifications of the standard EN 845-1.