Bed joint reinforcement

Fisufor® ST

Steel for Bricks

Fisufor® ST

FISUFOR® ST are prefabricated bed joint reinforcements. They comprise two parallel longitudinal wires that are joined by a central wire.  The central wire forms a truss structure and is welded along the same plane of the structure to the inner side of the longitudinal wires.  Therefore, there is no superimposing of the longitudinal wire and the transversal wires.


  • To avoid fissures and cracks in brick walls.

  • Control of any fissures in brick walls.

  • Different protection against corrosion (galvanised, epoxy and stainless).
  • 4 and 5mm series
  • Standard widths: 50/100/150/200 and 250mm
  • Awarded the CE marking according to specifications established in the standard EN 845-3.