Bed joint reinforcement

Fisufor® Plug

Steel for Bricks

Fisufor® Plug

Fisufor® Plug are prefabricated bed joint reinforcements. They comprise two parallel longitudinal wires that are joined by a central wire.  The central wire forms a truss structure and is welded along the same plane of the structure to the inner side of the longitudinal wires.  Therefore, there is no superimposing of the longitudinal wire and the transversal wires. The geometry on the ends permits overlapping without any kind of manipulation.


  • As a result of the innovative design, these pieces make the overlap of reinforcements on site without the need for any manipulation by operators.
  • They increase resistance to bending in the wall.
  • They guarantee forces are transferred.

  • They can be used as uniform fissure control and for structural purposes.

  • An innovative design permitting overlaps between reinforcements without any manipulation at all, keeping the same nominal width of the reinforcement at the point of overlap. The Fisufor® plug end pieces have a special geometric configuration in the form of a plug that allows the overlap of 250mm without having to cut any wire. Likewise, the transverse wire in this area is flattened in order to guarantee the minimum mortar coating thickness.
  • Different protection against corrosion (galvanised, epoxy and stainless).
  • Available widths: 55/75/100/160 and 200mm
  • Available in 3.7 mm diameter.
  • Awarded the CE marking according to specifications of the standard EN 845-3.