Fire resistance of Geoconnect connectors

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Fire resistance of Geoconnect connectors


As you undoubtedly know, one of Steel For Bricks’ star products is the Geoconnect® structural connector. This technically proven connection device enables shear stress to be transferred across structural joints between flagstones, slabs, beams and walls. We are proud to offer the first connectors of this type to have achieved CE marking in Europe.

As such, the Geoconnect® System makes it possible to accommodate the contractions and expansions of concrete arising from seismic effects and temperature changes. This makes Geoconnect® extremely valuable as a safety and reinforcement system for all types of buildings, and represents a major step forward with regard to construction technologies.

Geoconnect Fire: certified fire resistance

In addition to the Geoconnect® models we offer (Geoconnect® LL and Geoconnect® MP), we also offer the auxiliary component Geoconnect® Fire, which is designed to be used in combination with the aforementioned models. Specifically, Geoconnect® Fire stops high temperatures from passing through the joint, thereby preventing the heat from damaging the steel of the dowel in the event of fire. 

In terms of its construction, Geoconnect® Fire comprises a panel of rockwool 20 or 30 mm thick, covered on one side by a layer of intumescent material 2.5 mm thick which swells when exposed to high temperatures, thus even sealing openings that are wider than the width of the joint in question.

The Geoconnect® Fire System has achieved an REI 120 rating according to the EN 13501-2 standard, as corroborated by the certified tests included in the DAU (Document of Assessment for Fitness of Use) and the ETA (European Technical Assessment) for the Geoconnect® System:

DAU 15/096

ETA 16/0064

If a compartmental solution against fire is required for the joint, Steel For Bricks offers a comprehensive solution for the joint in question, which includes the following components:

Our technical department is at your disposal

We invite you to learn all about the advantages of Geoconnect® LL structural connectors by reading the documentation you will find in this link and the aforementioned ETA and DAU certifications.

Additionally, at Steel For Bricks we are delighted to place our technical department at your disposal, in order to help answer any queries you may have regarding the use, optimisation and installation of our products.