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Burgerparticipatiecentrum en Alcantarilla, Murcia

Murcia · Sistema GHAS

Ontdek hoe we voor het Burgerparticipatiecentrum in Alcantarilla (Murcia) de prestaties van de Geoanc® verankeringen en onze metselwerkwapeningen hebben gebundeld.


  • To guarantee the stability of the façade walls where the walls were designed on a sloping plane, owing to which the respective component of the weight to the action of wind needed to be considered.


The use of Geoanc® fixings which, because of their strength, are suitable to cater to the increases in stresses conferred by the extra weight.

This product, in conjunction with the increased resistance to bending provided by the bed joint reinforcement, meant that the sloping façade could be built, not only towards the inside the building, but also outwards.