About the GZ Group

The GZ Group covers the activities of the companies: Zfoam, Geohidrol, TecnoGZ and Steel for Bricks whose activities and sectors include industry, packaging, insulation, building and civil construction.

One of the objectives of the GZ Group is to offer innovative, competitive, high-quality and environmentally friendly products in their relevant markets.

We offer the development of long-term relationships with our customers, capacity and quality of supply, stability of service in the context of volatile markets and adequate alternatives to the needs of the market.

Our commitments are:

Commitments to our customers

Involves establishing long-term links through collaboration and mutual benefits from this. We develop and offer specific solutions to specific problems and not only standard products.

The Technical Department of the GZ Group has professionals specialized in different areas of construction and industry and offer solutions optimized for the best cost/benefit ratio.

Customer service is one of the pillars of the GZ Group commercial team.

Commitment to innovation and quality

One of the pillars of the group is the effort in development and innovation, through investments in new products and systems to increase the presence of our companies in national and international markets.

We have the ISO 9001 quality certifications, as well as certifications for special products in building markets (D.I.T-Technical Approval for Construction, E.T.A, CE marking) and patents for innovative products.

The process of continuous improvement allows us to progress in quality standards and ensure the strength of the companies of the group even in the context of a global economic recession.

Commitment to workers and suppliers

One of the commitments of the GZ Group is promoting the personal and professional development of its employees, as well as to promote the reconciliation of family life with professional life. We maintain an active policy in all areas of occupational health and safety.

The management model of purchasing for the group requires the development of long term relationships that are serious and demanding with our suppliers.

The companies of the GZ Group are:


Leading company in the manufacture of plastic foams of polyolefin products for the markets: industry, packaging, sports and leisure and construction, under the brand names Zetapack and Zetaterm. Plastazote® is the basis on which we develop products and applications according to the particular needs of the clients.

ZFoam has specialized processing equipment covering all the needs of the market (cutting, surface finishes, laminations, CNC routing, molding).


Geohidrol develops its activity in two different areas. Firstly, it is responsible for the continuous technical development of the construction products of the GZ Group. To this end it has an own technical department whose resources are devoted exclusively to the development of R&D&I, as well as the necessary technical support for the sale and setting up of all products of the group.

On the other hand, Geohidrol is also responsible for the marketing and distribution at the national level, of products for building (GHAS ® system) and Civil works (supplies for underground works).

Tecno GZ (TGZ)

Company specialized in acoustic insulation systems in buildings, in the areas of impact noise, airborne noise, sublayers for soils of flooring and laminated wood and insulation of facilities (downspouts, humid rooms). Some of the most important brands are Zetapark®, Zetaflot® and Geoplom®.

With the new line of Regupol ® products meet the needs of anti-vibration insulation in any kind of soil, machinery installations and construction of tram-tracks, metro and rail facilities.

Steel for Bricks (SFB)

One of the major European manufacturers of masonry reinforcement under the Fisufor ® brand and metal components for structures of brick and concrete block.

Other brands are Paulfil® (slab formwork) and Fisuanc® (system of metallic anchors).

SFB provides innovation, dynamism and a portfolio of products that continually grow in order to adapt to the needs of the market.