Formwork slabs for edges: Paufil®

Paufil® is a prefabricated formwork that can be hidden. It is made with a mesh of steel that is bent at an angle of 90o and is lined with transparent plastic.


*For other dimensions please consult about the possibility of manufacturing them.


The hidden Paufil® formwork is placed on the supporting wall.

On top of Paufil® put a layer of mortar which provides a strong element for precast concrete.

You can also place a layer of neoprene.

Depending on the circumstances, the Paufil® formwork can also be attached to the supporting wall by staples and nails.

The Paufil® formwork should always be at a minimum distance of 2 cm from the inner edge of the enclosure, to prevent possible rust stains on the ceilings.

Depending on the height it may be necessary to use fasteners to prevent a possible opening or buckling of Paufil®.

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