geofor® is a prefabricated reinforcement formed by two parallel longitudinal wires that form by means of a central wire. The central wire is made is the form of a truss and is soldered in the same plane of the structure along the inner side of the longitudinal wires. Therefore, there is no overlap of the longitudinal and transverse wires and the maximum reinforcement thickness is equal to the diameter of the longitudinal wires.

The steel used in its manufacture is in accordance with standard EN 10020.

geofor® comes with the CE marking in accordance with the specifications of the standard 845-3;2006 A1:2008.

geofor® incorporates in its transverse wires some plastic separators which are cylindrical whose role is to ensure the minimum coating of mortar and facilitate the correct implementation in work, as it allows you to place the reinforcement in the masonry before laying the mortar.

geofor® has an innovative design that makes it possible to achieve the overlap between reinforcement without the need for manipulation, keeping the area of the overlap the same nominal width of the reinforcement.

The ends of the geofor® pieces have a special geometric configuration in the form of a plug that allows the overlap of 250mm without having to cut any wire.
Also, the transverse wire in this area is flattened in order to guarantee the minimum coating of mortar.

SAO DEVICE (System of self-control of the operator)
geofor® comes with some devices at both ends of the pieces that allow you to visually check, after implementation, that the amount of reinforcement in the wall corresponds to the project and that the length of overlap is that required by the regulations.

- Smooth
- Corrugated (upon request)

- geofor® Z, manufactured with steel wire with a heated zinc galvanized coating with a minimum of 70 gr/m2 in accordance with standard EN 10244.

- geofor®
I, manufactured with stainless Steel according to the standard EN 10088.

- geofor®
E, manufactured with steel wire in galvanized zinc coating with a minimum hot dip galvanized of 70 gr/m2 according to the standards of EN 1022 and subsequent epoxy coating of at least 80 μm according to the standard of EN 10245.


3050 mm pieces.
Packets of 25 units.
Pallets of 40 packages (1000 units of 3050 mm)
Each package contains an ID label with the description of product,its barcode and batch number.

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