The structural performance of the anchors is achieved as a consequence of the properties of the steel they are made of. However, in order to achieve adequate mechanical strength of the wall, in addition to effective clamping to ensure stability it is essential to avoid any side effects associated to all retention systems.

The retention mechanical performance is closely related to the delivery of the anchoring device in the thickness of the wall, since the efforts should be transmitted by means of adhesion. This performance is ensured through trials and is stated by STEEL FOR BRICKS in the regulatory CE marking. However, the performance can only be obtained if the delivery of the anchor in the wall is equal to or greater than that used in the trials. Geoanc® anchors are equipped with a control device that enables control after building the wall.

Another key feature of the design of the Geoanc® anchoring devices is a vertical movement slot which allows non-rigid joints; thus ensuring wall retention with no risk due to overloading, so they are especially recommended in seismic zones.

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