Geoanc® CDM (high resistance anchors)

These anchoring devices have been especially designed to ensure the stability of masonry in constructive processes where the walls are completely free standing.

These are metallic elements of stainless steel whose function is the fixation or retention of the building to the structural elements that allow freedom of movement in two directions contained in the plane of the wall. The anchors have three missions:

- Ensure no cracking in the wall.
- Reduce the slenderness.
- Avoid any overturning movements.

The anchor is composed of two pieces, a “U” type part that is mechanically fixed to the structure and an omega that crimps into the slot of the “U” part and whose edges are embedded in the mortar of the masonry.

They are sold in five different formats, to allow their placement in structure of different thicknesses, and with different building setbacks with regard to the outer face of the support or slab face. The geoanc® anchor is characterized by its great tensile strength as well as compressive strength and the SAO device.

The unique design of the “U” type part that incorporates two ribs in the central plate makes its resistance to both tensile and compressive strength in the majority of cases, the maximum that this type of element can achieve, since its failure in tests is produced between the mortar and the masonry.

Geoanc® anchors have two fundamentals uses that are the subject of analysis and sizing applications for the particular conditions of each construction:

Implementation of self-supporting and ventilated facades according to GHAS® system depending on the system. In this case, the anchor will be dimensioned to withstand the horizontal action, to avoid overturning.

STEEL FOR BRICKS performs the calculation and dimensioning of the elements without cost or any commitment(*).

(*) STEEL FOR BRICKS reserves the right to charge for achievement of any study which then would then be an economical amount for the above mentioned study.

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