SFB is a company which is dedicated to the manufacture of products of reinforcement for brick and concrete block structures. It is the only manufacturer of masonry reinforcement in Spain, under the brand name Fisufor®.

The company was established in 2007 and has become a leader in the domestic market. SFB belongs to the GZ Group that is formed by three more companies: ZFoam, Geohidrol and Techno GZ.

In 2009, SFB decided to start exporting their products in order to get a base of stable business that would enhance their competitiveness and develop a range of additional products. Today it has distributors in the main European markets.

Within a process of adaptation to the needs of each market and with a philosophy of innovation, the company has developed specific new products for the European markets in which it is present.

For international expansion and its R&D&I projects, Steel for Bricks is permanently informed of developments of the most significant innovations of the technological environment of the sector. It has the support of the Technical Department of the GZ Group, which is focused on the development of new products.