Innovation has led to the development of masonry reinforcement with a guaranteed connection Geofor ®, anchoring systems Fisuanc ® and Geoanc ® and the Paufil ® permanent formwork for slab edge. SFB products have the CE mark and are in accordance with the Eurocode.

The Technical Department of Steel for Bricks is dedicated to the research and development of new products in all stages, from design and adaptation to the regulatory requirements, up to the support in the manufacturing technology. Particularly significant is the realization of projects individualized for each project together with the report that justifies the proposed sizing.

The fruits of work of the multidisciplinary team of professionals, was creating a new construction system, the G.H.A.S system (Geohidrol Advanced System), which focuses mainly on solutions for two construction types of facade enclosure: the self-supporting facade and the ventilated facade.

The advantages of the use of the G.H.A.S system are as follows: guarantee of stability and no cracking by means of a calculation according to the European regulations (Eurocode 6 and Eurocode 8), aesthetic improvement (the edges of slabs are not marked), elimination of thermal bridges (continuous thermal insulation), ability to run ventilated facades, speed of execution, don’t need special ceramic pieces, ease of implementation (does not need specialized staff) and at a very competitive cost.