Bed joint reinforcement · Fixings for brickwork


Steel for Bricks


Structural post manufactured from galvanized steel sheeting.


  • They are fitted between floor structures to withstand horizontal forces acting on the façade and transfer them to the floor structures.
  • No welding is required.

  • They guarantee rigidity of the brickwork.
  • They are used on façades with self-supporting solutions without structural pillars on the façade plane, or with spans between pillars that exceed the maximum span obtained through calculations.

  • Structural post manufactured from 3 mm galvanized steel sheeting.
  • They consist of three parts, two ends and a central part formed by a folded sheet where the Geoanc® omega components are housed to join the wall to the post. This joint permits differential movement between the wall and the structure.
  • The telescopic design of these posts means that can be fitted without any welding, and compensate for any irregularities in the floor structures.